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Updating an old creative plots world to be explorable in recent server versions

Back in 2017, surva network operated its own game server network including a creative plots world where players could build stuff on their plots. In this post, we're explaining our journey of upgrading the data to a usable format, publish it and provide a server experience for players to explore the world and find their plot again.

How to check if a player's position is next to a point or inside an area

Position checks and calculation with vectors can sometimes a bit complicated, so we've created an article describing the most common checks and how to solve them. There are different types of checks, e.g. if you want to check if a player is in an area created by two positions or next to a specific position.

Using automatic language detection for translated messages in PocketMine-MP plugins

This blog post is about how to detect a players language and send individually translated plugin messages in a PocketMine-MP plugin. We'll also add code to load and use language files and set a fallback default language.

Creating repeating/delayed tasks in PocketMine-MP

A common tool you frequently need when programming with the PocketMine-MP API are tasks. Using tasks, you're able to repeat running code e. g. each 30 seconds, or to run delayed code for e. g. after 10 seconds.

How to get the attacker using PlayerDeathEvent

A frequently asked question in PocketMine-MP plugin development is how the get the attacker of a died player using PlayerDeathEvent. First, we need to listen on the PlayerDeathEvent, which provides us with the killed player.